Ewuaqua ecoMatic 4-50 L domestic waterworks

  • Item number: 61062
  • Ready-to-connect domestic waterworks with integrated control and high-quality expansion tank (19l)
  • For domestic water supply and garden irrigation from wells, cisterns or surface water - promotes clean water from cisterns and wells
  • With an internal suction connection, the domestic waterworks is also suitable for large amounts of water, since friction losses are minimized
  • With water-cooled jet pump for dry installation
  • Demand-oriented automatic on / off switch and dry run protection
  • Automatic operation of the pump in two operating modes:
    • The pump can be switched on and off depending on the pressure and on the flo
    • The pump can be switched on and off depending on the pressure
  • The switch-on pressure can be set between 1.5 and 3.0 bar and the switch-off pressure between 2.0 and 3.5 bar
  • Pump with direct connection to the expansion tank, which means fewer leaks and smaller installation dimensions
  • Maximum suction height: 8 m
  • Head max. 45m
  • Volume flow Q max. 3.8 m / h
  • With water cooling
  • With integrated check valve and pre-filter
  • Ready for connection with cable and Schuko plug

Technical Data

Technical Data
Product class Water supply system
model EcoMatic
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