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Showers and Rain Panels

Steinberg hand showers, shower sets, shower heads, rain panels

Steinberg showers and shower systems combine exciting design and innovative technology with maximum showering comfort. Enjoy, for example, gently falling rain-shower under the large rain showers of the Steinberg Series 390. Here you can feel enveloped by the delicate water pearls and be carried off into the situation of a warm summer rain. Steinberg Series 390 Sensual Rain panels, on the other hand, bring the relaxation of a gentle tropical rain into your shower. Straightforward design coupled with precious chrome surfaces and various shapes make them a unique eye-catcher in the bathroom. But even Steinberg hand showers know how to convince. Whether classic with a round head or modern square design, Steinberg hand showers are not only a visual highlight, they are also equipped with various functions and types of jet. Body jets like those of the Steinberg Series 100 also provide that special something.

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